Obama Admin ‘Bullied And Hectored’ Sotloff Family As They Tried To Save Steven, Says Family Spokesman

Al Weaver Reporter
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Barak Barfi, the spokesman for the family of Steven Sotloff, spoke out Wednesday on the American journalist’s kidnapping and execution at the hands of ISIS.

According to Barfi, the Obama administration “bullied and hectored” the Sotloff family as they actively tried to save Sotloff’s life.

Barfi spoke on the Sotloff’s behalf on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday.

“We had meetings with the administration,” Barfi said. “The family sat with the National Security Council officials. And basically he [an official] bullied and hectored them [the family], and they were scared.”

Barfi said the unnamed official in the meeting was “a marine” and that “he shouldn’t be telling them what the law was.”

“I sat in other meetings with mid-level state department officials and the FBI and I basically heard the same thing. I tried to come up with creative solutions about how we can get around the law,” said the family spokesman. “I said, well how do you know that the group holding Steve is a terrorist organization? ‘We know,’ they said. Or, how would you know if we tried to transfer money? ‘The banks wouldn’t allow it.’ They shot us down at every opportunity.”

Sotloff was the second American journalist beheaded by ISIS, along with freelancer James Foley.

Foley’s mother recently spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, saying “our country let Jim down.”

(H/T: Mediaite)