Army Bending Over Backwards To Kind Of Appease Women

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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The Army is looking for women willing to maybe have the chance to complete its notoriously grueling Ranger School training course, which would give them the right to wear the Ranger badge, but would not allow them to serve as an Army Ranger in any capacity.

It’s unclear whether Army leaders will authorize the one-time program, but they’ve asked for two groups of volunteers, just in case, reported the Army Times. Those women who qualify and are accepted into Ranger School, if the program is authorized, could either complete the 61-day course or serve as “observers,” alongside instructors of the course.

These potential pseudo-Rangers would be banned from assignment or actual service, unless the Secretary of Defense decides to allow women to serve as Infantry soldiers, according to the Army. That decision is slated for no later than January, 2016. (RELATED: Female Marine: Women Do Not Belong In Marine Corps Infantry)

All of the course requirements and standards would remain the same.

Ranger School currently has about a 50 percent graduation rate and up to 60 percent of failures occur within the first four days of training.

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