Derek Jeter’s Farewell Commercial Is Enough To Make A Grown Man Cry [VIDEO]

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A homerun of a commercial created by Gatorade hit the Internet Thursday in honor of New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, and his nearing retirement.

The preview of the commercial was given to Adweek by Gatorade’s senior director of consumer engagement Molly Carter. The idea for the commercial came from Jeter himself, who wanted to thank his dedicated fans for their support throughout the years.

The 90-second preview shows Jeter walking outside of the Yankee Stadium, talking, laughing and shaking hands with fans young and old.

The background song, “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, was chosen by Jeter as well, who thought this song summed up his career well. Carter shared, “It was a true collaboration between Derek and Gatorade.”

This isn’t Jeter’s first commercial since announcing his retirement. Nike Air paid tribute to the shortstop earlier this summer by having fans tip their hats in respect for the baseball legend.

The Gatorade ad will air on live television on Saturday on the YES Network and Fox.