Unethical President Of Unethical Organization FIFA Thinks FIFA Is Super Ethical

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Sepp Blatter is the scumbag, bond villain lookalike who runs FIFA. For those of you who don’t know because you watch real sports, FIFA is the presiding sports body over international soccer.

It’s a pretty vile thing, full of corruption. They didn’t care when deaths and protests were happening in Rio de Janeiro. Actually the only thing they cared about was Brazil being behind on construction.

Oh, and they also probably took bribes from Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup there, despite it being in the middle of a desert and hating women. And if anyone is wondering, the 2018 World Cup is set to take place in the nation that’s really at the forefront of human rights: Russia.

I’d list all of the things FIFA has done in the past that are corrupt, but I’m writing an article here, not an anthology. Instead, I’ll leave you with that little bit of irony you need to get yourself through the day, courtesy of Sepp himself.


Everyone in the global football community has a responsibility to act ethically. Football fans rightly demand this. FIFA has taken the lead.

— Joseph S Blatter (@SeppBlatter) September 19, 2014


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