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Enviro-Nuts Demand Action An End To Capitalism At People’s Climate March

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Yesterday New York was infested by left-wing lunatics. OK, it was infested with even more left-wing lunatics than usual. It was the “People’s Climate March,” a side-show of communists, socialists, fascists, environmentalist loons and all other configurations crazies the human race can produce — in other words: progressives.

What did they want? To end capitalism, obviously.

The economic system responsible for everything in this country and a huge swath of the planet that moved humans from mud huts to houses, cured countless diseases, ended starvation, extended life expectancy, and created the technology that allowed these mutants to coordinate a march against it is, in their estimation, the worst thing ever.

Progressives clogged the streets of New York yesterday, causing cars to idle and emit much more CO2 than they otherwise would have, all in the name of ending CO2 emissions.

Reason TV attended and asked the mutants some basic questions. After what I can only imagine was a thorough delousing, Reason posted the video, exposing these anti-capitalist, anti-American progressives using the greatest weapon available — their own words.

This is the modern Democratic Party’s base. Something to keep in mind come November.