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Modern Masculinity: Protecting Women From Discounts

Derek Hunter Contributor
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A student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the face of masculinity in the post-gender America. Meet Trevor Dougherty, a senior at UNC who is standing up to sexism and the “patriarchal culture” by demanding…an end to cut-rate cover prices for women.

When you read that you might think it’s a joke. It is, but he’s serious.

Trevor appears to have an oily T-zone.

Trevor appears to have an oily T-zone.

The Huffington Post highlighted Trevor’s heroic efforts to make sure women pay the same cover price as men because, according to Trevor, “Men pay more, women pay less and in that way, women are commodified and objectified and this whole culture of mistreatment continues. So we were standing up against this policy of reduced cover, reduced admission because it gives economic incentive to women to go, and it puts economic pressure on men to pay for everything. It just continues this patriarchal culture, and it’s unacceptable.”

What does that mean? Aside from the fact that Trevor doesn’t seem to understand women, economics, men, business, the definition of the word “mistreatment,” who the hell knows?

According to HuffPo, Trevor was upset over “…the widespread industry practice of cheaper drinks for women fosters an “underlying culture of sexism.”

Trevor came to his “Champion of Women” status over a story he tells of women tossed from a bar for requesting the song “Blurred Lines” not be played because it was sexist, according to what he told HuffPo.

Sadly, this attitude is what is encouraged by the progressive educational complex – that there is no difference between men and women at all. There is, and it’s pretty damned important since without it none of us would be here.

The article concludes with Trevor saying, “It’s the bait. It’s the meat market. If there’s a hookup culture, if there’s a sex culture, that’s one thing, but when it’s so explicit … it just becomes clear that young women are the incentive.”

I bet he’s popular at parties.

You can watch Trevor’s appearance on HuffPo TV by clicking here.