Sydney Man Gets Prostitutes On Taxpayer Dime

Ben Smith Contributor
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An undercover man in Sydney, Australia has had sex with around sixty prostitutes across the city, and the encounters are being footed by the city taxpayers. His actions have shut down brothels across the city, but have come at a cost of thousands of dollars to the city.

The man, going by the pen-name Mr. Allen, is described as a 60-year-old male who was originally a taxi driver three years ago before this new career began, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. When the position as an undercover brothel-buster was originally posted by Lyonswood Investigations, a Sydney company, it was “inundated” with applicants.

In the end, the company chose Allen because “He had his private investigator’s license,” was competent in English, agreed to appear to testify if need be and was a single man.

When he performs a sting, Allen gets emails from councils across the city to go to different locations and see if the massage parlor is harboring masseuses who are committing sex acts. Allen confirmed to the Herald that he has been to 60 locations. And according to Allen, most of the places he has been were “clean and comfortable,” and most of the staff involved were “Asians who came to study English.”

Out of the 60, three “did not perform sexual services.” Allen, after leaving the parlor, files his report and emails it to the council.

When asked about the cost of the undercover missions, Allen simply stated “it pays better than a taxi driver.” Allen also revealed that there is another man in Sydney who is undercover with the same job, and “while their paths have never crossed,” he is glad there is another.

Allen has only told one other person about his job, while his two sons have been left in the dark. He has considered telling them, but has yet to do so. “Alternatively, when I kick the bucket, they’ll go through my paperwork and discover for themselves,” he told the Herald.

“Either way, I hope they have a good chuckle.”