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Stay on the curb Dana! 

“Two blocks of Penna. Ave. closed outside White House. One step off curb gets a Secret Service warning.” — WaPo columnist Dana Milbank.

Journo encounters perpetually absent flacks (don’t we all?!) 

“So convenient when congressional staffers are ‘away from their desk’ every time I call.” — Washington Examiner‘s Ashe Schow.


“Literally every time I floss I almost sever a finger. #hardcore” — Politico defense reporter Leigh Munsil.

Journo makes insightful pre-air strike prediction 

“Well, we’ll all wake up tomorrow morning. Except for, you know, a whole bunch of ISIS guys.” — National Review editor Jim Geraghty.

White House reporter can’t get answer out of Press Sec. Josh Earnest

“Josh Earnest couldn’t give a ballpark estimate of the cost of the ISIL war when I asked.” — CQ Roll Call White House correspondent Steven Dennis.

Calling all reporters! 

“Stop saying your news org confirmed @PentagonPresSec confirmed on the record for all of Twitter.” — HuffPost‘s Ethan Klapper.


“(whatever you & I both know you scan the Vows pages for terrible #ThisTown people and I, for one, am not ashamed of my hate-reading.)” — Yahoo! NewsMeredith Shiner.

My Summer Vacation With Josh Feldman

“So Portland was one of the more active trips I’ve ever taken. Very relaxing (except for dangerous climbing through the gorge).” — Mediaite‘s Josh Feldman.


Almost made the 5 Dumbest Tweets feature…

“Apparently the BK black burger virality worked, because I’m sitting here eating Burger King and have no idea why.” — Mediaite editor-in-chief Andrew Kirell.

Roland Martin: Alessandra Stanley should be fired from NYT

“Being a TV critic at the @nytimes is not a throwaway job. It’s stunning how Stanley is still employed there. Shoddy work is abundantly clear.” — TV One’s Roland Martin.