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‘Burn Their Houses Down’ – The Progressive Activists The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

Derek Hunter Contributor
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It was a protest for the planet, or at least it was billed that way. Progressive activists marched under the “green” banner this week in New York City to call for “action” on climate change. But what was the “action” they were advocating?

White the media covered senators, actors, and celebrities at the event, they stayed away from the masses. That wasn’t an accident.

One idiot shows up at a tea party event with a Confederate flag and the media covers that person like they started the movement, but hundreds, if not thousands of violent, anti-capitalist, anti-American lunatics damn near riot in the streets and we get b-roll of Leonardo DiCaprio marching while holding a sign.

The term “double-standard” doesn’t begin to cover it.

National Review’s Katherine Timpf was one of many journalists who didn’t just pay attention to the protesters with security details, she went into the crowd to find out what they really wanted. It wasn’t pretty.

One man wants to burn down the houses of those who won’t bow to his agenda saying “All these people have names and addresses. Like, every person fucking us over, we know where they live, and we could go there and burn their houses down. I mean, look, you wanna fucking ruin my environment and ruin my home, I’ll come to your home and ruin yours.”

Another man called President Barack Obama “a white cracker for president in black skin and he’s a piece of shit.”

“Shame and humble all the wealthy, wealthy people, their families, their kids; have protests out in front of their schools…because if they’re not shamed themselves then you can shame their children.”

Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chuck Schumer, Sting, and other filthy rich environmental activists had no comment on the statements from their supporters because they weren’t asked. In fact, they’re never asked.