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Maybe MSNBC Should Use The Grave They Dug For Chris Christie To Bury The Last Shred Of Their Credibility

Derek Hunter Contributor
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David Rutz works at the Washington Free Beacon. Whatever he is paid over there, it is not enough. If it were doubled, it would still not be enough.

With all the talk of immigration reform and amnesty because we need people to do the jobs Americans aren’t willing to do, David Rutz does a job not even immigrants, legal or otherwise, will do: watch MSNBC.

And not only does he watch it, he catalogs it and cuts together videos exposing their activism, their failures, and their downright stupidity.

Remember “Bridgegate”? The “scandal” that was going to bring down New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and possibly land him in jail? The Department of Justice, investigating with purpose and vigor they’ve never shown for Fast and Furious or the IRS scandals, announced last week that they couldn’t find anything on Governor Christie, clearing him in the case.

That a traffic jam was news anywhere on the planet is pathetic enough, that NBC News would spend months on a non-story about extended commuting is a testament to just how far that institution has fallen. But one person (who wasn’t on staff at MSNBC) watched it so America wouldn’t have to – David Rutz.

David’s latest video is a compilation of just a few moments from the countless hours of broadcast time NBC News’ cable arm spent hyping Bridgegate, and it includes all the hit. It’s a veritable clown car of progressive asshattery and obstinacy against reality featuring all your favorite characters – Maddow, O’Donnell, Ball, Todd, Sharpton, etc.

For collecting all those clips, watching them, and editing them together, David Rutz deserves a raise.