Obama Builds Wall To Keep Out Unlawful Visitors… Wait, What?

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The White House receives millions of visitors a year, but some people refuse to enter the grounds through the lawful channels. The number of illegal visitors has been slowly increasing, and the president is finally doing what’s necessary to keep out his unwanted guests and put Americans’ worries to rest.

Early Tuesday morning, President Obama authorized the construction of a wall aimed at securing the White House’s borders. While not as tall as the official perimeter gates, this wall spans the entirety of the border, offering intruders no weak points to exploit.

"An impenetrable defense" (courtesy of Christian Datoc, 2014)

“An impenetrable defense” (courtesy of Christian Datoc, 2014)

While only 3-ft. tall, the wall, along with the official White House gates, will form a strategic buffer zone; this area will not only slow persons attempting to gain access to the grounds, but will also allow officers patrolling the border to recognize and neutralize any unlawful entry-attempts.

"The buffer zone will DEFINITELY hinder any advance on the gate" (courtesy Christian Datoc, 2014)

“The buffer zone will DEFINITELY hinder any advance on the gate” (courtesy Christian Datoc, 2014)

"Border patrol" (courtesy of Christian Datoc, 2014)

“Border patrol” (courtesy of Christian Datoc, 2014)

These additional security measures will surely solve the issues plaguing the President and his staff. If only it was this easy to solve all of our nation’s other problems.