An Excited Stephen Colbert Punches Another Hole In ‘Mideast Frequent Bombing Card’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Who’s the most excited person that America has bombed Syria? Stephen Colbert.

Colbert couldn’t contain his excitement, pulling out his “Mideast Frequent Bombing Card,” showing the nations the United States has bombed in the past, and who’s left to fill the card.

“Syria is a country we’ve never bombed before!” Colbert said. “Which means I get to put a whole new hole in my Frequent Mideast Bombing Card.”

“All we need to do is bomb Oman, and I get a free falafel!” said the future host of CBS’s “Late Show.”

Colbert took aim at the graphics departments at the networks, saying they weren’t dramatic enough since war deserves much more than the graphic the “Today Show” uses “to show that 50 cent can’t throw a baseball.”