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Ferguson: Cameras Are Gone, Stupidity Remains

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Remember Ferguson, Missouri? Probably a little. But, like the fact that Russian supported goons shot down a commercial airliner over Ukraine, you probably haven’t thought about it in a while. And with good cause – it had nothing to do with you.

Ferguson Community Continues To Demonstrate Over Police Shooting Death Of Michael Brown

Flames meeting flammable materials = Science!

The events in Ferguson didn’t involve anyone you knew, so you’ve moved on. Actually, the media moved on, and since they were the ones who manufactured the outrage, them being gone means there’s little left to fan those flames.

But those flames still smolder at a “memorial” to Michael Brown at the spot he was shot in the form of candles. The “memorial” is nothing more than a pile of signs and stuff animals, but they’ve become commonplace anytime anyone dies in a shooting, car accident, or seemingly anywhere outside of a hospital.

Since it is made almost exclusively of flammable materials, and there are open flames near it, guess what happened? Yeah, part of it burned.

This law of physics seems to have escaped a couple of hundred idiots who live in the area, because when they saw that part of it burned last night they immediately blamed police for starting the fire. This mob decided this “injustice” must be answered for…by looting Beauty Town Salon AGAIN!

Yes, these morons looted Beauty Town for a third time last night because a pile of flammable materials with open flames around it caught fire.

Some people are undoubtedly dumb enough to think police would set this eyesore ablaze, but most of them just saw an opportunity to shop without paying.

Try as you might, you don’t get the Ferguson you want…you get the Ferguson you deserve.