KARL ROVE: It’s Not A Latte Salute, It’s A Chai Tea Salute [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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Republican strategist Karl Rove told Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity Tuesday night that he’s “not surprised” by President Obama’s controversial coffee salute to Marines because “we got a Chai-swilling, golf-playing, basketball-trash-talking, leading-from-behind, I-got-no-strategy, ‘Osama-bin-Laden-is-dead-GM-is-alive’, community organizer commander-in-chief.”

Rove was baffled by President Obama’s obtuse response when getting off the plane, knowing that “there’s going to be two Marines at the bottom of Marine One when he gets off.”

“The idea that I’m going to just sort of jaunt out there with my Chai tea and give them the old –” Rove pauses to mockingly salute with coffee like the president.

“It’s not a latte salute, it’s a Chai salute because he drinks Chai tea. I mean, please! How disrespectful was that?”