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1. OMG. Andrew Kaczynski doesn’t just tweet? Not sure which is more shocking. That Twitter ombudsman Andrew Kaczynski has strayed from the social medium long enough to write a story or that Zach Dasher is running for Congress and that he’s a cousin to the Duck Dynasty cast. Why you read read it: Because Dasher’s wife thinks homosexuality is an addiction and that adds a dose of crazy to any congressional campaign. Read here.

2. Just as gross as you’d expect…Gawker has some ideas on how you can avoid the iPhone 6 pocket bulge. See here.

3. Lindsay Lohan bombs on stage in London…England allowed her in? And she’s in a play? Read here. And don’t miss the funny jab from TMZ in the kicker.

4. More details on the missing U-Va. woman… Where she was, what happened and why would she wait for the alleged kidnapper outside the bar while he did bourbon shots? Read WaPo‘s account here.

5. The Daily Show’s Redskins segment may appear tonight… Stay tuned. An unidentified Comedy Central spokesman tells TalkingPointsMemo it’ll likely air tonight. See here.