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Ezra Klein’s Beard: Revealed

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Oh, man. Here we go again.‘s editor-in-chief Ezra Klein in venturing into the inner turmoil of male facial hair. It’s unclear how unkempt the situation we’ll get. One can only hope he gets his scrubble under control and fast.

It’s not as if Ezzy hasn’t tried facial hair before — he’s always trying to appear older than his 30 years, perhaps so when he’s professing his wisdom on TV no one will be reminded of his youth. In June of 2013 he tried to grow up too fast with a goatee that aged him by about 40 years. By the end of September, he cleaned himself up.

So what are we stuck with now? Faint, dirty stubble mixed with his moles that make him look vaguely like he showered without soap.

Have a look below. What’s your vote? Keep growing or shave it off?

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