ISIS Member: We’re Planning A ‘Brilliant Attack’ On New York

Scott Greer Contributor
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A Canadian member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria issued a grim warning for the United States that his group is planning a “brilliant attack” on New York City, and claimed that they have thousands of Western prisoners they are willing to behead.

In a video conference interview with Vice News, Farah Shirdon (also known as Abu Usamah Somali) announced the plot while discussing the current operations of the terrorist group.

“We’ll sure be making attacks in New York soon [with Allah’s permission]. A lot of brothers there are mobilizing right now [thanks to Allah],” Shirdon told Vice’s Shane Smith.

“What are they mobilizing for?” Smith asked.

Shirdon laughed and responded, “Mobilizing for a brilliant attack, my friend.”

He also claimed that ISIS has captured “thousands” of prisoners of the West and they plan to behead them if the United States and other countries continue their attacks.

“We have thousands of prisoners from the West that we have that we will have to behead,” Shirdon coldly stated, before making it personal for his interviewer.

“Maybe I have your cousin here, you don’t know. Or your distant cousin, or your uncle. We have them with us and you don’t know.”

“Why are you cutting their heads off, what is the philosophy behind that?” Smith followed up.

“Come to me, I will come to you. Attack one of us, we will attack one of you,” Shirdon answered, then he directed a message to President Obama.

“I swear you infidel, I swear to Almighty God, that we will fight you to the end.”

He then added that they might only stop when they have beheaded all of the leaders of the West and have enslaved their children.


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