Jameis Winston’s Lawyer Claims Extortion Attempt After Rape Accusation

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Jameis Winston’s lawyer, David Cornwell, claims that the attorney for the woman who accused Winston of rape tried to extort the quarterback.

Cornwell made the accusation in a letter sent to Florida State on Tuesday in regards to the University’s investigation of the 2012 rape accusation against Winston. obtained a copy of the letter. which claims that the accuser’s attorney Patricia Carroll asked for $7 million in return for silence from both the media and her client.

In the letter, Cornwell accuses Carroll’s client of publicly shaming Winston, and using race as an effort to prove her innocence. The accuser claimed that Winston raped her because she would never have sex with a “black boy.” However, Cornwell explained in the letter that the accuser was in a relationship with an African American man at the time of the accusation and Carroll was unaware of this fact.

In addition, Cornwell believes that Carroll destroyed multiple sources of evidence that would further prove Winston’s innocence.

See the letter: