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Quote of the Day 

“It was calculated start to finish.” — “KTVA Anchorage “F–k it” reporter Charlo Greene on HLN’s Dr. Drew show Wednesday night when asked if she’d plan to quit on live TV in the manner she did. Charla quit her job on air to fight for the legalization of recreational marijuana. Her exact quote:”Fuck it, I quit.”

Oh God…

“L’shana tova. May you be inscribed for only good things in the year to come.” — Business Insider columnist, ex-crotch photog and former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Schlongsville).

Montel asks for prayers for his daughter (in Twitter church) 

“Tough day for my daughter @CMaressa as she begins her stem cell transplant for #lymphoma in the hospital. Say a prayer.” — military veteran activist and ex-talk show host Montel Williams.

Judgement Day 

“Ok, so after a week of the 6+ and a week of the 6 I’m now using the 5S again. It’s pretty great. If you don’t want a big phone, keep the 5s. The performance difference is slight. The 5S has a fantastic design. And it’s cheaper.” — NYT tech reporter Farhad Manjoo.


Quasi-sexual Rosh Hoshana wishes

“Apples, sweet honey for your bellies, renewal for your hearts, on this New Year. Shana Tovah, everyone.” — Defense One‘s executive editor Kevin Baron.

The Observer

“On spring street this afternoon I saw my first ever discarded nuvaring on the sidewalk. New York!” — Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan.

Unexpected gifts

“Wow! Woman who attended my book signing identified herself as the illegitimate daughter of Sen. John Tower.” — author and GOP consultant Roger Stone.

So what’s Charles C. Johnson up to? 

“Don’t worry. You’re going to get the truth about what really happened in Ferguson.  will give it to you. I promise.” — GotNews founder Charles C. Johnson. And this to his Twitter follower named “Green_Footballs”: “Keep libeling me and see how long you can go without me hitting you with a suit.”

The Media Critic

“CNN #fail just identified Obama as a U.S. Senator in 2002. How old is their chyron editor?” — Roll Call White House correspondent Steven Dennis.


“I’d be surprised if there’s another profession that gives you faster swings from ‘I love this work’ to ‘Why do I put up with these people’?” — National Journal‘s Sam Baker.

Uh oh. 


“This is why you don’t bag your own groceries.” — White House Writers Group’s senior director Anneke Green.