Peter Thiel Explains 3 Things The Government Can Do To Help The Economy Boom

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Billionaire tech mogul Peter Thiel says that if the government wants to see the economy boom, it ought to reduce regulation.

During an extensive interview with The Daily Caller, the PayPal founder and author of the new book ”Zero To One: Notes On Startups, Or How To Build The Future” outlined three things the government could do to help the economy roar.

“You would just have way less micro-regulation,” Thiel said. “You would try to do something about urban housing and enable, sort of, break the sort of weird coalition of urban slumlords and pseudo-environmentalists that have zoned all our cities to death and made it impossible to build affordable housing.”

“I would try to shut down the [Food and Drug Administration] altogether because I think that is the single worst agency in this country,” he continued. “And then I would try to find ways to bring technology into government itself so that government would be evaluated. Is it is able to do more with less and are there things we can automate? And those are questions I would ask throughout government itself.”

During this segment of the interview, Thiel also discusses some of the themes of his book.

In a previous segment of the interview, Thiel talked about his libertarian politics, his desire to live forever and his support of Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul and Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

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