Allen West: ‘Unconscionable’ For Sharpton To Aid Search For Holder Successor [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Former Florida Rep. Allen West says it is “unconscionable” to imagine MSNBC host Al Sharpton aiding in the search and selection for Eric Holder’s replacement as attorney general.

West made the comments on “Fox and Friends” Friday morning.

“It’s unconscionable that Al Sharpton has this level of influence with the White House, and everyone knows his history, so he has no credibility whatsoever,” said West.

“To be able to make a statement like that, and also be on a news network, that’s very concerning,” he added, noting Sharpton hosts his own show on MSNBC.

When asked to speculate about a possible successor, West said someone who would carry on the “progressive, socialist legacy” would fit the Obama mold. West mentioned Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, telling the triumvirate of hosts he’d be “another activist.”

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