Conservative Website ‘The Federalist’ Targeted For Wikipedia Deletion After Criticizing Neil deGrasse Tyson

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The Wikipedia page for the conservative online publication “The Federalist” was targeted for deletion following the site’s critical coverage of progressive scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis recently pointed out that deGrasse Tyson, a climate change alarmist, appeared to use fabricated quotes in his public speeches, which he attributed to a newspaper, to a member of Congress, and to President George W. Bush. Davis followed up with a piece asking, “Why Is Wikipedia Deleting All References To Neil Tyson’s Fabrication?”

Federalist editors noticed Friday that Wikipedia’s entry for TheFederalist.com “is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.” When The Daily Caller checked early Friday afternoon, the page was deleted. It was later restored, but is still being considered for deletion.

“That’s Wikipedia for you, man. They’re inclusive,” Federalist editor Ben Domenech told TheDC. “It seems to clearly be a reaction to our coverage of the Wikipedia process and how it was treating Neil deGrasse Tyson’s obviously fabricated quote from George W. Bush.”

The Wikipedia editor claimed that the more than year old conservative magazine site “does not pass the threshold for notability,” but Domenech doubted that explanation.

“I would never be in a cult unless it had schnazzy robes,” Domenech said, referring to deGrasse Tyson’s fan base. “Obviously Neil deGrasse Tyson is right, the science is settled, and we must be erased like we never even existed.”

“It’s not like the entry on us was all that informative, but the very fact we were on there was an insult to the Wikipedia community,” Domenech said. “This is like a birthday present to us. We”re irritating the right kinds of people, people who can’t even admit when their praised messiah is wrong about something. I’m glad we irritate them.”

“It’s funny to see how these Wikipedia crowds have gotten even more intense,” Domenech added. “Kevin Williamson was speaking at Heritage and pointed out that as the Left gets more exhausted it also gets more authoritarian. He was referring to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. saying that climate change deniers should be arrested. That sort of thing is something you see reflected on the Internet as well. They form these little mobs.”

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