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Global Citizen Festival Fights Poverty By Leaving A Mess

Derek Hunter Contributor
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If you caught any of the Global Citizen Festival on MSNBC Saturday night, you saw millionaires and billionaires decry “extreme poverty” around the world. The concert was held in New York City’s Central Park and involved an elaborate stage and light show by the likes of No Doubt, Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They could easily end a lot of poverty if they wanted, but…

Since the hypocrisy of people who made their fortunes through capitalism complaining about it is obvious, I’ll just say this on that: Capitalism is so awesome that you can even get rich by telling people it’s awful.

The concert was hosted/advocated for/sponsored by MSNBC, who had hosts Alex Wagner, Chris Hayes, Ronan Farrow and Tamron Hall on the scene, and even Lester Holt by what appeared to be video. They all advocated for more foreign aid, which is only really surprising for Holt since he’s more of a straight newsman.

Putting all the hypocrisy aside (and there was a lot), one thing struck me as MSNBC wrapped up their coverage and returned to their usual weekend prison shows – just how littered the “activists” in the crowd left Central Park.


The “someone needs to do something to alleviate poverty” crowd couldn’t be bothered to clean up after themselves. The issue of “climate change” was preached about, but note all the plastic bottles in the grass. They didn’t grow there, they were left there by people who “care.”

Seems the people who want to use government to obligate you to pay and do more for others also want you to clean up after them. Not very “green,” but very progressive.

Reminds me of this from The Simpsons