Here It Is! DEFINITIVE Proof That Racism Is EVERYWHERE, All The Time

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The Daily Caller’s alphabetical tour de force showing that absolutely everything is racist is almost done. Finally!

Here are seven things beginning with the letters ‘U’ and ‘V’ that someone, somewhere has deemed racist.

Mandela voter ID AFP Getty Images ANNA ZIEMINSKIThis summer, some blogger at The Washington Post breathlessly proclaimed that voter identification laws are racist because some University of Southern California professors said so. In the USC study, the professors claimed the ability to divine that “discriminatory intent underlies legislative support for voter identification laws.” The study totally proved that legislators are racist by sending some letters to various legislators with the fictitious names “Jacob Smith” and “Santiago Rodriguez.” Voter ID laws seek to prevent vote fraud by requiring voters to provide photo identification as evidence of their identity.

Jimmy Hoffa Hulton Archive Getty ImagesAt the website that bears his name, Bernard Goldberg found an important nugget of politically correct wisdom uttered by MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell concerning the racism of union bosses. Or something. “Governor, I want you to listen to that last line of that Republican attack ad against President Obama one more time,” O’Donnell told jobs-demolition expert Jennifer Granholm. MSNBC then showed an ad clip saying: “Stop Obama and his union bosses today. The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.” That RNC argument is totally racist, O’Donnell then explains, because “the Republican Party is saying…that the union bosses this President around, the unions boss him around. Does that sound to you like they are trying to consciously or subconsciously deliver the racist message that, of course, of course a black man can’t be the real boss?” For the record, Granholm did not agree.

unemployment forn Getty Images Nigel CarseUnemployment benefits are racist if Republicans don’t want to extend them eternally, according to sociology professor and MSNBC talking head Michael Eric Dyson. Mediaite commemorated the December 2013 clip, in which Dyson reasoned — “reasoned” — that Republicans who don’t want to extend payments to people who have failed to find a job for several months are racist because the people receiving those payments are often members of minorities. Dyson’s fellow MSNBC panelists laughed at him, Mediaite notes.

Obama Getty Images Jonathan FerreyThe word “unqualified” is racist because it’s a “code word” used by Republicans to attack people who do their jobs completely ineffectively, such as U.S. National Security Advisor and former U.S. diplomat Susan Rice. The context of the fracas over the word came in November 2012 after Rice had comically embarrassed herself while talking about the attacks on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi. “These are code words,” said Democratic congressman James Clyburn, according to Mediate. “We heard them during the campaign. During this recent campaign, we heard Senator Sununu calling our president ‘lazy,’ ‘incompetent,’ these kinds of terms.”

Getty Images Sport George FreyIn April 2014, the student government at the University of Utah came out against the school’s fight song, “Utah Man,” because of the title and because the 110-year-old ditty called Utah “co-eds” “the fairest.” There’s a new fight song now, and it completely sucks. A committee made up of students, professors and bureaucrats has now insisted that singers insert the word “fan” instead of “man” at the very beginning. The line “coeds are the fairest” is banished forever. The completely lame new words are now “our students are the finest.” Also, the words “no other gang of college men” have been castrated to become “no rival band of college fans.” (RELATED: The New Politically Correct Fight Song At The University of Utah Sucks)

200267569-001The word “urban” is racist, according to a website called Colorlines. (Its tag line is “News for Action.”) “‘Urban’ is a euphemism best known to be thrown around in any discussion of largely poor and black parts of the United States,” the website declares. “Not a surprise, since outside of the South, the country’s black population centers tend to be in cities.” Interestingly, it turns out that Democrats use this totally racist term far more than Republicans do — “61 percent of Dems use the term versus 37 percent of Republicans.”

suitcase full of cash money Getty ImagesFor several months, Jesse Jackson was focused like a laser beam on turning up racism in Silicon Valley and in the exciting world of venture capital. In December 2013, notes Weasel Zippers, Jackson tweeted to the world that “there is discrimination in the access to capital” because “minority businesses still find it more difficult to raise capital.”

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