Democratic Florida Congressional Candidate To Dress As Oprah Winfrey

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Democratic Florida congressional candidate Gabriel Rothblatt plans to dress in drag to portray Oprah Winfrey next week.

Rothblatt, running in the eighth district against three-term Republican incumbent Rep. Bill Posey, recently put on lipstick as part of a “Lipstick Challenge” highlighting women’s rights in a video posted on Facebook, and challenged Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist to do the same. Crist introduced Rothblatt at a campaign event last week and said “Gabriel is the messenger that God sent.” Rothblatt will next dress in drag for a “Dude Looks Like A Lady” benefit for the Women’s Center in Brevard, Florida on October 10.

Rothblatt is the son of United Therapeutics CEO Martine Rothblatt, formerly Martin Rothblatt, who became the highest-paid female CEO in America after undergoing a sex change operation in 1994.

Gabriel Rothblatt is a pastor in the Terasem religion, founded by Martine Rothblatt, which is reportedly based on the idea that human beings will become immortal through technology. Rothblatt gave a speech called “Terasem Movement Transreligion” at a 2013 Transhumanist conference. “I do believe my identity as transhumanist is what influenced me to want to become more than what I am,” Rothblatt said about his congressional candidacy. Rothblatt added, “transreligion means transcending religion, it means encompassing all religions.”

As for Gabriel’s parent, Martine Rothblatt is trying to create human “mindclones,” which would be “cyberconscious” digital replicas of human beings. She made one of her wife, Bina.

“Gabriel has already received flak by Posey’s xenophobic and anti-women supporters,” a spokesman for Rothblatt’s campaign told The Daily Caller, referring to the candidate’s cross-dressing. “Backlash is to be expected, however the issue of violence against women is an important topic in this election.”

And the mind clones thing?

“Gabriel is Jewish. Terasem is a religious discussion that Gabriel participates in,” the campaign said. “The 1st amendment, which Rothblatt supports and Posey does not, prevents establishment of religion, which means that Terasem as an organization will not play a role in his governance.”

Promotional material produced by the Women's Center in Brevard

Promotional material produced by the Women’s Center in Brevard

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