Middle School Football Team Pulls Off Incredible Trick Play [VIDEO]

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The Lewis and Clark Middle School football team in Jefferson City, Mo., just pulled off one of the most creative trick plays I’ve ever seen.

The play, called “The Ugly Kardashian,” consist of the young quarterback taking the snap before passing the line of scrimmage to act as if he’s pointing to a referee.

The defense is clearly confused and believes that the play hasn’t started. Before the defense could realize what had happened and get back in position, the quarterback was already making his way into the end zone.

MaxPreps spoke with Lewis and Clark’s head coach Shawn Griggs, who claimed the play was “inspired by the trick play ‘The Annexation of Puerto Rico'” from the movie “The Little Giants.”

Griggs explained the title of the play: “When I said it the first time in the huddle they wouldn’t stop laughing,” which made Griggs consider a name change. “But football is supposed to be fun, so the name stayed,” he said.

If this isn’t creativity at its finest, then I don’t know what is.