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Vox Being Vox: Liberals Link Hong Kong Protests To Ferguson

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Italian soldiers showing solidarity with Ferguson, circa 1941. Getty Images.

Italian soldiers showing solidarity with Ferguson, circa 1941. Getty Images.

Vox, the progressive activist blog without any fact checking apparatus, has done it again. Not content to limit their “making shit up” to the Middle East, where they wrote about a non-existent bridge connecting Gaza and West Bank, they’ve now moved to Asia.

Vox has now tied protests in Hong Kong against China’s authoritarian rule to the Michael Brown shooting. What do people who are fighting the oppressive boot of left-wing ideology have to do with advancing a left-wing ideology on the other side of the planet? Nothing.

But a complete lack of facts has never stopped Vox before, so why start now?

Max Fisher, the “Content Director” at Vox, wrote a piece entitled “Hong Kong’s protesters are using the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ gesture from Ferguson.” Yes, people fighting a communist government have Ferguson, Missouri, in their thoughts.

His “proof”? Pictures of protesters marching with their hands in the air so authorities don’t murder them. Apparently this gesture didn’t exist until a few weeks ago.

Fisher writes, “It’s impossible to say the degree to which protesters are using the gesture as a deliberate nod to Ferguson, or borrowing something they’d seen on the news for their own purposes, or using it coincidentally.”

What an idiot.

Fisher didn’t speculate as to whether or not Hong Kong protesters will also adopt Ferguson’s “Loot everything you can” policy as well and go full “social justice.”

It’s just Vox being Vox. Apparently they’ve never heard the advice of Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder:

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