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1. BuzzFeed‘s Ben Smith dismisses notion of another Mitt Romney presidential run… A quick excerpt: “Wouldn’t it be truly pathetic if on his third time he doesn’t even win the nomination?” asked the former aide. “Then he does have the ‘L’ and he’s truly truly a diminished figure.” See the full story here here.

2. The claws come out… If Politico‘s Dylan Byers and ESPN’s Nate Silver are ever going to become soul mates, it’s not going to be with this post. Read here.

3. Charlo Greene lights up a joint on HuffPost Live… In case you missed it (and horribly, I did until today) here’s another unreal video from the “Fuck it I quit” reporter. In this one she says the cops pulled a gun on her and her brother and called them “monkeys” and “niggers.” She also gets fantastic case of pot giggles. Watch here all the way to the end. 

4. Whoopi gives Rosie a spanking… All I can say is it’s about time the ladies started fighting. Or else this season was going to be a big fat flop. And this one’s kind of hilarious because we have Whoopi Goldberg and resident bigmouth Rosie O’Donnell fighting over Whoopi cutting Rosie off on a “hot topic” that she was apparently “passionate” about. That topic? Spanking. Best line: Whoopie says, “I’m so sick of your shit.” Read the Daily Mail‘s exclusive here.

5. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation has some explaining to do… Considering the utter hell that Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) went through regarding where he lives, you’d think they’d get his home state right. Instead of New Jersey, the program has him from Illnois. See Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill item here