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Get It On – The Consent App

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Everything comes full-circle. Young kids pass notes with “Do you like me?” and boxes for “yes” or “no” in elementary school. Now college students have an app for confirming consensual sex that also includes the “maybe” so many people added to the option list.

The app, “Good2Go,” gives participants the ability to unambiguously agree to relations digitally, just like mom and dad used to.

The options are “No, thanks,” “I’m Good2Go,” and “Yes, but…we need to talk.” That last one sounds really fun.1412053976469_wps_37_When_you_use_the_trendy_n

It also makes participants confirm their level of sobriety, with options: sober, mildly intoxicated, intoxicated but Good2Go, and pretty wasted.

I understand colleges are inserting themselves into the personal lives of students in the name of safety and because of bogus sexual assault statistics, but is the really the answer?

Not to be a killjoy, or a relationship luddite, but if you’re the type of person who asks someone to confirm via an app that you’re “Good2Go,” you probably won’t have much use for that app. And if you’re really wasted, and app isn’t going to occur to you.

This is going to end in a bunch of regret and probably a lawsuit. So, in many ways, it’s like college sex.