NFL Refs Flag Player For PRAYING

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Celebrations are going the way of the dodo bird in the No Fun League. No more dunking, no choreography, no nothing. Except praying. That seems to be OK.

Unless you do Muslim stuff.

Chiefs Safety Husain Abdullah picked off Tom Brady in Monday night’s blowout game to run it in for the score. As what happens on a lot of plays, Abdullah began praying. Then he was flagged for 15 yards.


Seriously can’t believe Husain Abdullah got a 15 yard penalty for praying as a Muslim.

— Kamran Tahir (@kamrantahir117) September 30, 2014


Classy move by the NFL. What better way to take the eyes off Ray Rice beating his wife, Adrian Peterson beating his children and Roger Goodell beating himself than with some old-fashioned religious persecution? Tim Tebow prayed so much when he scored it became an Internet meme.

So let that be a lesson to any of you young guns in the NFL. No Muslim stuff.

Or maybe not. About 10 minutes after this story was filed, the NFL issues a mea culpa.



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