Saudi Student Who Sold His Audi, Abandoned College And Disappeared Remains Missing

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A Saudi student who had been a full-time student at a public university in Southern California has now been missing for nearly two weeks.

The student, Abdullah Abdullatif Alkadi, sold his car, stopped attending classes at California State University, Northridge and vanished in a small town not far from Palm Springs, according to The Desert Sun.

Just prior to disappearing, Alkadi, 23, was last seen at his home in Los Angeles on the afternoon of Sept. 18.

The student’s older brother, Ahmed Alkadi, said the younger Alkadi had sold his car the previous day. It was an Audi, on offer on Craigslist for $36,500.

Police tracked down the buyer and believe the buyer had nothing to do with the disappearance.

Police traced the missing Saudi national’s phone to Beaumont, Calif., a small, windy town a few miles east of the very last remnants of the sprawl of Greater Los Angeles. The phone was deactivated shortly after its signal appeared there, according to the Sun.

“This is a miserable situation,” Ahmed Alkadi told CBS Los Angeles.

“He came here to fulfill his dream,” the elder brother also said. “He wanted to have a good education and go back to his country and be something in this world.”

The brothers’ parents — prominent citizens in Saudi Arabia — are concerned.

“I talked to my father and he is crying all the time,” Ahmed Alkadi told the station. “At least he can talk to me. My mother is unable to talk.”

The older brother noted that, as far as he knows, his brother has no ties to the Beaumont area. It’s also not clear how he got there, obviously, since he sold his car.

Abdullah Alkadi was studying electrical engineering at Cal State Northridge. He is about 5 feet 3 inches tall and he weighs 110 pounds.

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