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1. A day in the life of Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky…. Blue Nation Review comes up with a satirical day in Charlotte’s life. The funniest: “3:26 p.m. Find one of Mommy’s old paystubs from NBC. Throw up.” The contributor is a local comedian. Read here.

2. Lifetime and A & E TV get sued for turning woman into hooker… To make matters worse, the Chico, Calif. woman, a registered nurse whose character was created for “Happy Face Killer,” was beaten for hours by a serial killer who murdered eight others. She’s the only surviving victim. See the Daily Mail story here. But rest easy. Police nabbed him in 1995 and he’s got three consecutive life sentences ahead of him.

3. Salon tackles the taste of a woman… In short, sweet, salty, and in some cases, tart. And no, not necessarily fishy. Bottom line: eat more pineapple. Read here.

4. Writer wants Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin to stop being so damn nice… Defamer‘s Allie Jones is sick of all this conscious uncoupling and would like the trio to maybe kick the shit out of one another already. Whatever it takes. Just stop having mature parties and anything resembling positivity. She asks, “When will these people be normal and leave each other the fuck alone?…I’m going to need one of you, doesn’t matter who, to say something rude within earshot of a Page Six reporter in the next week.” Read the rest.

5. Michelle Obama hasn’t always wanted to show off those well-toned arms…See an item in The Hill‘s “In the Know” gossip column about a certain dress the first lady wore in 2012 at the Democratic National Convention. Remove the sleeves. Add the sleeves. Remove the sleeves. So many decisions. See here