Ivy League Queer Alliance Party Canceled After Too Many Sexual Assaults And Trips To The ER

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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Brown kicked off October’s Queer Awareness Month by canceling a school-funded sex party because in the last 10 years the LGBTQ-sponsored shindig has turned into a sex-crazed bacchanalian festival riddled with sexual assault.

The Brown University Queer Alliance ditched its 28-year-old party called “Sex Power God,” after participants — who are known to be gay and lesbian students, as well as heterosexual students — turned the gathering into an orgy overrun with drunken revelry and violent situations.

Known as SPG, the party originally started as a dance for gay and lesbian students to express themselves sexually without threat of assault. But since 1986, the LGBTQ party has turned into a literal breeding ground for sexual assault, verbal abuse and emergency trips to the ER for alcohol and drug overdose.

“SPG was intended to be a glitter filled rejection of limiting narratives that claim that there is a ‘right’ or ‘acceptable’ way to perform sexuality,” the Queer Alliance detailed in a statement released on feminist website Bluestockings Magazine.

The party, which is hosted on campus in historic Sayles Hall, gained mainstream notoriety after O’Reilly Factor producer and interviewer Jesse Watters filmed the bash in 2005. Watters recounted on the Factor that students dressed in their skivvies went beyond just partying and lip locking, and said he heard people having sex in bathroom stalls and even saw people doing the dirty on the dance floor.

According to an open letter posted to Facebook last week from one of SPG’s founding members Rebecca Hensler, it was never expected for the dance to become anything more than a few gay students expressing their sexuality. Hensler, who wrote in the Facebook post she is a queer educator to middle school students, said the dance was essentially a celebration of queer people and queer liberation, and had morphed into something wildly different.

“Calling the dance Sex Power God was a liberationist act, a f***you to those who thought sex, power or god belonged to them not us, and a good joke,” Hensler wrote in the letter.

President of the Queer Alliance Lorin Smith said in the group’s statement, that due to the sexual violence, self-harm, and blatant disregard for “enthusiastic consent” SPG will not resume in the near future. (RELATED: Camille Paglia Gloriously Smacks Down Feminists’ Unserious Campus Rape Drivel)

Smith and the Brown Queer Alliance could not be reached by The Daily Caller for further comment.

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