Wanna Date ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Southern Belle? Here’s How [PHOTOS]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Lauren Cohan plays Maggie Green, the zombie-killer with a Southern drawl on AMC’s apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead,” and in a recent interview with GQ she said she’d always fantasized about her role on the show.

“I definitely had this idea she’d be soooo Southern.”

Lauren Cohan The Walking Dead GQ Magazine

(Photo: GQ Magazine)

Lauren Cohan The Walking Dead GQ interview

(Photo: GQ Magazine)

Though the 32-year-old grew up in Georgia and now lives in Atlanta, she still has her British accent from her time in the United Kingdom.

She also told GQ that she never realized just how much cussing she did until she read her interviews.

“…and I was like, ‘You need to find a different word.'”

So, what word did she replace her foul language with? “Flipping.”

Cohan, who plans to retire on a ranch in Montana, said “you can spin the flipping globe and put me anywhere on it and I’d be happy.”

Lauren Cohan The Walking Dead GQ

(Photo: GQ Magazine)

GQ also filmed “How To Date Lauren Cohan,” which is when she revealed just what suitors need to do to get her: be old-fashioned, be funny, and, mostly, be straight-forward.

“I always think a guy should pick you up and pay for dinner.”


Cohan and “The Walking Dead” return for season five on AMC Oct. 12. (RELATED: The New ‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer Is Intense [VIDEO])