Charlie Sheen Pulls Knife On Dentist

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Charlie Sheen enjoys the dentist so thoroughly that when he had an appointment in Los Angeles last Thursday, he decided to put his merriment on display by smacking a dental assistant and pulling a knife on the dentist, TMZ reports.

Sheen was there to get an abscess treated, but when the woman put a mask over his nose and mouth to administer nitrous oxide, Sheen lost it and began flailing his arms, hitting her. She left the room when the 49-year-old’s bodyguard came in, and then ” a lot of commotion happened,” which resulted in Sheen wielding a knife towards his personal dentist, who was still in the room. (RELATED: Charlie Sheen Was Wasted At Taco Bell)

However, the bodyguard gave Sheen a rock solid defense, because he was simply “high on rock cocaine.”

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the situation, but Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer, the same man representing celebrities in the nude photo leak, said the allegations are “completely fabricated” and that Sheen merely had a bad reaction to the gas. (RELATED: Marty Singer Threatens Google With $100 Million Lawsuit In Nude Photo Leak)