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George Zimmerman, Having Exhausted His Usefulness As A Scapegoat, Won’t Face Civil Rights Charges

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If you still believe that George Zimmerman is a racist who executed an innocent child who wasn’t doing anything wrong, no amount of evidence to the contrary is likely to change your mind. Surprisingly, the United States government must adhere to a higher standard. Eventually.

Sari Horwitz, WaPo:

The Justice Department is not expected to bring civil rights charges against George Zimmerman in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, according to three law enforcement officials, despite allegations that the killing was racially motivated.

The federal investigation of Zimmerman was opened two years ago by the department’s civil rights division, but officials said there is insufficient evidence to bring federal charges. The investigation technically remains open, but it is all but certain the department will close it.

B-b-but… what about the allegations? Are we supposed to somehow disregard the allegations?

Pursuing this investigation was a political decision, just like all the other decisions in Eric Holder’s DOJ. There was never sufficient evidence to bring federal charges, but the Democrats wanted to placate their base: angry, fact-averse racists. Finally, enough time has passed that they can drop the pretense.


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