Kay Hagan’s Son Is CEO Of Company That Got Stimulus Money

Ben Smith Contributor
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The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was an even bigger financial boon for the family of North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan than previously reported.

Green State Power, where Tilden Hagan has been CEO since 2009, according to his LinkedIn page, received at least $521,000 in stimulus funds in exchange for installing solar panels across the Tar Heel State.

Tilden Hagan is the son of Kay Hagan, who voted to pass the stimulus bill in 2009.

Green State Power was responsible for installing solar panels on the roof of Plastic Revolutions.

“Plastic Revolutions, a plastics recycling company located in Reidsville, N.C., originally installed a 53kW solar pv array on their roof in 2011,” according to Green State Power’s website.

Tilden Hagan's LinkedIn profile page (Photo: Ben Smith)

Tilden Hagan’s LinkedIn profile page (Photo: Ben Smith)

Politico reported last week that Plastic Revolutions “is owned by John Hagan, while Chip Hagan serves on its board of directors.”

Chip Hagan is Kay’s husband, while John is Chip’s brother. The Politico story goes on to report that the money was granted to update the business and make it more energy efficient: “It was undergoing a two-phase improvement project to install more efficient lighting, replace furnaces and installing solar panels on the roof — at a projected cost of $438,000.”

Politico reported that Plastic Revolutions was also given tax credits worth $137,000 thanks to the stimulus bill, though it’s not clear how much of that stimulus money went to Green State Power.

In addition to Plastic Revolutions, Green State Power’s website lists two other stimulus-funded projects: the Mountain Heritage Expo Center and Signature Place. The North Carolina Department of Commerce lists the cost of the Mountain Heritage project to taxpayers as $378,020, and the cost of Signature Place as $143,000.

Three 2011 stimulus related projects on Green State Power's website, where Sen. Kay Hagan's son Tilden Hagan is CEO

Three 2011 stimulus related projects on Green State Power’s website, where Sen. Kay Hagan’s son Tilden Hagan is CEO