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Lefty Male Editor: ‘The Best Men In Bed Are Without A Doubt Republicans’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Executive Editor of Blue Nation Review Jimmy Williams just comes right out with it: Republican men are best in bed. And today the former longtime Capitol Hill aide is out with an essay admitting some of the racier parts of his life.

Some of his lines are just priceless.

“As I’ve said so many times, I’ve slept with a lot of dudes in my 22 years in Washington, DC. I totally own that I’m a very sexual man. I mean, I’m gay for God’s sake. Part of the reason I’m so open about these kinds of things is if I were a woman, I’d be called a slut or worse. People would judge me far more, but as a man, I get praised by both men and women. I accept the praise but I really hate the double standard.”

Then, sluttiness aside,  Williams blows something wide open — he insists Republican men are best in the sack. He attributes their sexual prowess to anger. “All of that angriness makes for more fun,” he writes. He reflects on his gay sex in D.C. and recalls some of his best pickup lines at Dupont bars like JR’s.

We’ll give you just a few for a taste.

  • “Don’t worry: when I do a hit piece on your homophobic boss, I’ll be thinking about our time together.”
  • “Honey, if we get married someday, will our pic in the Sunday edition of the New York Times have to be photoshopped so much that your boss won’t recognize you?”

Williams assures he really has used the lines. “Oh, you know me,” he said. “I’ve used every line.”

By the way, his bio says he enjoys regularly calling out “hypocritical Republicans” Twitter. Watch out. Is he calling you out, or is he hitting on you?