Daily Caller Quarantines Reporter Patrick Howley

The Daily Caller
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WASHINGTON — The Daily Caller has quarantined Patrick Howley, a reporter at the news outlet.

As Ebola begins to creep into the United States, Howley has agreed to remain sealed off from his co-workers and the general public.

TheDC made the announcement Friday afternoon.

“We don’t know that he has Ebola,” said editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson. “As of now, there’s no concrete evidence. But you don’t need to be a doctor to know the risk is real, especially with someone like Howley. We’re erring on the side of public health.”

Reached for comment, Howley was resistant to elaborate on his condition. “Fuck all of you so hard,” he wrote via email.

Out of an abundance of caution, Howley has been restricted to an undisclosed location in the D.C.-Metro area.

While he will remain in place between the hours of three and seven a.m each day, sources say he will maintain his normal commute to smoke shops in the region.

Local authorities did not respond to several unmade requests for comment for this report.

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