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King Barry Is Not On The Ballot, Says Everybody But King Barry

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Thanks to the fine folks at the Washington Free Beacon for summing up, in less than a minute, just how badly Obama has screwed his fellow Democrats seeking election next month:

[pause for laughter]

This is all about his ego. “Look at these turncoats making me look bad. Oh yeah, you ingrates? Well, taste some of this!” It’s pure spite. The only time he tells the truth is when it can hurt somebody who has crossed him. And by running as fast as they can from his disastrous policies, by distancing themselves as far as possible from him, they’ve crossed him.

He’s all yours, Dems. Enjoy the next two years. Just don’t expect us to congratulate you when you suddenly realize we’ve been right all along, and you act like you’ve had some big revelation. No, you’re just delusional and maybe not so bright. You will not be receiving a medal for finally speaking the truth after it’s already too late.

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Jim Treacher