Ohio Town Covered In Planned Parenthood Banners

Tristyn Bloom Contributor
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While small towns and cities throughout the country are gearing up for Halloween, one city in Ohio has a different kind of municipal decor — Planned Parenthood banners.

One reader sent The Daily Caller these photos of Planned Parenthood banners attached to lampposts throughout the town of Wooster in northeastern Ohio.

“As I drove through the small town,” he told us, “I noticed approximately one dozen Planned Parenthood banners posted prominently along the city streets.”


TheDC called Wooster’s mayor’s office, who told us that it isn’t responsible for the banners, and directed us to a group called Main Street Wooster, Inc.


According to its website, it is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to enhance the community of Wooster by improving the quality of its downtown business and living environment through planning, organization, design, promotion and economic development.” (RELATED: Planned Parenthood Has Abortion Quotas, Says Former Clinic Director)

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Main Street Wooster confirmed that it is responsible for the street banners.

Interested groups submit a banner design to Main Street Wooster’s design committee, and, once approved, pay for the number of banners they’d like put up.

A Main Street Wooster spokeswoman told TheDC that the cost of the banners can vary quite a bit depending on the colors used and nature of the design, but estimated that 10 simple, two-color banners, not unlike the Planned Parenthood ones, would probably run for $1,000. (RELATED: Planned Parenthood Failed To Report A Child Rapist, Who Then Assaulted More Girls)

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She also explained that while groups all pay for the banners themselves, the city puts them up and takes them down free of charge.


Planned Parenthood isn’t the only group that purchased banners — as seen above, Habitat for Humanity also bought one, and Main Street Wooster’s spokeswoman told TheDC that a pro-life group also has banners up.

“We don’t discriminate,” she said.

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