Activist Spin: A Worm Eating Itself!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Latino voters think whatever we say they think, OK? According to Politico

one topic [Latino activists] aren’t using widely to turn out the voters in the midterms: immigration reform. Instead, the drive is focused on motivating Latino voters over issues like education, health care, the economy and the environment.

Funny, I thought the whole point of all those Latino Decisions polls is that Latinos care intensely about immigration reform (“the number one political issue for Latino voters”).  If that’s true, why aren’t they susceptible to the argument that they can only get it past Congress if they demonstrate their power by actually voting? It’s an issue they care so intensely about that they give up and stay home when they don’t immediately get what they want? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Or maybe Latino Decisions’ work product is only intended for consumption by gullible Republicans. …

P.S.: An education, health care or environment pitch to Latinos certainly seems better than the approach taken by the “online” group Presente, which argues that Latinos need to demonstrate their power by boycotting embattled, insufficiently cooperative Democrats who balk at executive amnesty (“turn out in force for the November elections but not vote for the Dirty Four Senators”–Hagan, Landrieu, Pryor, Shaheen). Register to vote so you can not vote! I think they have a winner. 


Gang of 8 Fratricide! Lindsey Graham says of fellow Senate amnestier Marco Rubio:

“[A]fter doing immigration with him—we don’t need another young guy not quite ready.”

It’s getting to be like Reservoir Dogs with that crowd.