Scarborough: ‘Americans Don’t Believe’ White House On Ebola After String of Scandals, Crises

Al Weaver Reporter
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“Meet The Press” panelist Joe Scarborough slammed the White House Sunday, saying simply that no one believes them regarding the recent Ebola scare after a man in Dallas was diagnosed with the virus.

“Right now a lot of Americans are seeing what happened in Dallas and looking at the laundry list, with what happened Secret Service, with the IRS, with the VA, with ISIS being A JV team,” Scarborough said.

“So when any member of the government says relax, everything’s gonna be okay, Americans don’t believe that,” added the “Morning Joe” co-host.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell piled on, hammering the Dallas hospital for letting the man walk out of the hospital initially and blaming it on a computer system.

“This was after we were being told by the government, but the CDC, by the White House that doctors and hospitals around the country were prepared,” said Mitchell.