Gutfeld: Obama Administration Has Gone From ‘White House’ To ‘Animal House’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld slammed the media on Monday for its unwillingness to attack the Obama administration, saying that its silence had allowed the administration to go from “the White House to the Animal House”:

“The problem isn’t our cynicism, it’s the lack of the cynicism in the media. Their lack of distrust for President Obama has allowed this unfettered incompetence to flourish, to unfold. All these scandals that we have discussed have never had any consequences, whether it’s the IRS, the DOJ, Fast and Furious, or Benghazi.

Because there are no consequences to these scandals, we have seen this administration essentially go from the White House to the Animal House. It’s a mess! And it’s because no one is paying attention. The media has abdicated their responsibilities and that has allowed this to happen.

Our cynicism is great—I’m talking about the citizens. But when the press doesn’t have it, that’s a problem.”

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