Mitt Romney: I Expect 15 People To Run For GOP Nomination In 2016

Al Weaver Reporter
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Will Mitt Romney run for president for a third time?

Unsurprisingly, that answer did not change Monday afternoon when the former GOP nominee showed up for the debut airing of “With All Due Respect” with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann of Bloomberg Politics.

Romney said for the umpteenth time that he is not running, or planning on running for president in 2016.

However, the former Massachusetts governor expects a crowded stage come debate season in 2015 and 2016, telling the political duo he expects about 15 people vying for the GOP nomination next year. (RELATED: Paul Ryan On Possible Romney 2016 Run: ‘If He Were To Run, I Would Not’)

After playing a clip showing Ann Romney telling Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that her husband would probably not run if Jeb Bush runs, noting he would vie for much of the same electorate, Halperin asked Romney if he were in the same position as he was in 2012. (RELATED: Will Mitt Run Again In 2016? ‘We Will See’ Says Ann Romney)

“Are we right, basically, that you’re in the same position you were: you’re not inclined to run, your family isn’t gung-ho about it. But if you look out and see no Jeb Bush, no Chris Christie, no one you think can raise the money, compete against a Democratic nominee, that you’ll think about it?” asked Halperin.

“I think Jeb is an excellent person, can be a terrific president. I think that about a lot of the people who are running on the Republican side, who I think will get in,” Romney said. “My guess is that you’re going to see 15 or so people on stage at the first debate. I don’t know who all they’re going to be at this stage.”

Among those people, we’re going to see someone who catches fire, who ignites the interests of the Republican base, and you’re going to see someone who can go on to be president,” he added. (RELATED: Romney Seriously Considering 2016 Run)