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Quote of the Day: 

“As tech has helped others w/disabilities, Twitter has opened new vistas for people w poor socialization & profound personality disorders.” — TalkingPointsMemo editor-in-chief Josh Marshall, who, as it just so happens tweets a lot. Is this autobiographical?

Reporter looks into his crystal ball 

“Btw if we’re laying down our markers, here’s mine: I believe Mitt Romney will be renominated.” — NYT‘s Josh Barro.

Sophisticated burping 

“Woman on NPR talking about the need to burp your mason jars. #peaknpr” — HuffPost‘s Jason Cherkis.


The Fashionisto 1

“Young white men: stop wearing a sweater with shorts. It is either too warm for one or too cold for the other and no, it’s not ironic or cute.” — Joshua Foust, Washington, D.C. comms.


“[Tweet deleted due to typographical error and general laziness]”– Politico‘s Ben White.

The Fashionisto 2

“Damnit it’s white girls in uggs season again.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

Liberal reporter lashes out at R’s for calling him gay 

“LOL, Republicans proving how homophobic they’re *not* by calling me gay. It’s not an insult, assholes.” — The Daily Banter‘s Tommy Christopher.

Dicking around 

“If you start to spell titillating with only one ‘l’ iPhone will offer an incorrect spelling, which is the least titillating observation ever.” — CBS and Slate‘s John Dickerson.

Journo says not to quote him

“Alternatively, Kanye West is the Ebola of hip-hop. Don’t quote me on that, though.” — Lee Stranahan, ex-Breitbart News reporter and filmmaker (includes some soft porn if you’ve never seen it).

Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner has Yom Kippur humor

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.39.47 PM


Travel Bitches: Journo en route to Liberia 

“On plane w/ me to/from Liberia:some journalists + so many aid workers. Shutting down flights would make it much harder to control epidemic.” —Richard Besser, ABC News chief medical editor.

Ron Fournier finally tweets something worthy of a chuckle  

“Humility is part of what makes me perfect.” — National Journal’s serial tweeter Ron Fournier.

SOS: Journo issues a warning to coworkers

“Ok @NPRWeekend, I’m going into the studio. If I’m not out in two hours, send search-and-rescue.” — Ari Shapiro, London-based NPR correspondent.

(She’s referring to a baseball game not suicide)

“At some point you just want it to end.” — Laura Rozen, foreign policy reporter for AlMonitor.

Weekend beach trip…

“A rainy day at the beach is still better than a regular day anywhere else.” — author and Townhall contributor Lisa De Pasquale.


SOMETIMES A REMINDER IS NEEDED: “I like bike riding around DC to remind myself what a beautiful place this is.”National Review‘s Digital Director Benny Johnson.