Piers Morgan To Hannity: Obama Plagued by ‘Lethargy And Complacency’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In his first cable interview since his ousting from CNN, Piers Morgan appeared on Fox News “Hannity” for a discussion with host Sean Hannity on a cadre of issues, specifically President Barack Obama, ISIS, and — of course — gun control.

The former CNN host was extremely critical of the president, much like his inaugural piece for the Daily Mail as their editor-at-large, especially on the rising terror threat with ISIS.

“Take the piece I wrote for ‘Mail Online:’ Obama, when he threw James Clapper under the bus…it was an extraordinary moment to me,” said Morgan. “Why a president would say ‘they’ about his own intelligence service, and not ‘we.’ Why he would want people to think ‘this has nothing to do with me’– guff.”

“When I look at the spread of ISIS through the Middle East, a lot of it comes back it seems to me as Obama’s foreign policy strategy of ‘I like to lead from behind.’ America should go away from being the global policeman to being the leader from behind.”

“America shouldn’t be leading anything from behind. America is, at its best, a great superpower. And when it’s at its best, whether its dealing with Ebola on a humanitarian level, or ISIS on a terrorism/foreign policy level, America has to be confident, bold, and strong, and decisive… and it’s that lack of decision-making that leads to the issues we now face.”

Morgan also hit Obama hard on the amount of golf he plays, compared to how much he attends his daily briefings– specifically him going off to play golf after a press conference discussing the recent beheading of James Foley.

“Obviously, it was such terrible imagery to me, and I’ve always been reasonably supportive of him,” said Morgan. “What the hell’s it doing to groups like ISIS and others intent on causing America and Britain serious harm? It’s sins to me of lethargy and complacency.”

The new Daily Mail editor also hit his former employer for being “quite schizophrenic,” telling Hannity while CNN does great with breaking news, it falters greatly when there is none going on.

The pair of former 9 p.m. foes also clashed, albeit briefly, on guns, with Morgan aiming much of his criticism at Obama for his lack of action following Sandy Hook, pointing to the massacre at Dunblane, Scotland in 1996 when immediate action was taken against gun rights.