Taliban Spokesman Accidentally Reveals His Location On Twitter

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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A terribly embarrassed Taliban spokesman is on the hunt for a new hiding spot after accidentally revealing his location in a series of geo-tagged tweets last week.

Zabiullah Mujahid apparently forgot to disable the location identification system automatically built into Twitter before tweeting at least three times over the course of two days last week, outing his hiding spot in Sindh, Pakistan, Quartz reports.




An undoubtedly nervous Mujahid quickly denied he was in Pakistan, claiming instead the locations tagged on the tweets were part of an “enemy plot” he neglected to expound upon.

According to the report, Mujahid could be an identity maintained by multiple individuals.

Earlier this summer, multiple Russian soldiers unwittingly revealed the country’s military presence inside eastern Ukraine with a series of location-tagged posts on social media. (RELATED: Russian Soldiers’ Selfies Accidentally Prove Military Presence In Ukraine)

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