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Watch Josh Earnest Squirm When Asked About Joe Biden’s Continuing Idiocy

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It’s 2014, and the White House Press Corps has finally noticed that Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. says stupid stuff on the reg.

Here’s the walking oxymoron now, stopping just short of tugging his shirt collar away from his neck and then bolting from the room in a cloud of dust:

Yeah, who knew Biden was so gaffe-prone?

Of course, this isn’t about Biden. This is about America falling out of love with Obama. Now everybody’s noticing all the stuff that’s been right under their noses for the past 6 years. Now it’s okay to talk about how dumb Biden is. Now it’s okay to publicly shudder at the horrible image of him behind the Resolute desk.

Why do you think Republicans are so upset with the Secret Service? Besides their obvious racism, of course…

(Hat tip: Gabriel Malor)

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