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What’s Weirder Than Watching ED Ads With Your Daughter? This.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Let’s see, what’s weirder?

You and your dad are hanging out watching a baseball game and an erectile dysfunction commercial comes on. Or, you and your dad are watching TV, an erectile dysfunction ad comes on and your reporter dad goes on Twitter to write about how weird it is that you and he are watching this together.

This was CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood over the weekend.

Did the “wood” in his name go straight to his brain?

Speaking up for teenage girls everywhere with fathers who are journalists: STOP TWEETING ABOUT THEM. And certainly don’t do it in the context of erectile dysfunction.


Even his coworker, NYT‘s Josh Barro, who has written about gay sex on Twitter, immediately caught on to how weirdly inappropriate it was for Harwood to be tweeting about his teenage daughter and ED commercials.

“I bet she’s thrilled you tweeted about it,” he wrote.

Harwood replied, “She’s way too cool to worry about that.”

Chip Douglas, out of West Virginia, lashed out, saying, “See, sweetheart, there’s old men who want to have sex but they can’t unless they buy pills from a company who gives Daddy $$$” Chip then attacked Harwood and Barro. “@JohnJHarwood @jbarro But you both pretend not to benefit financially from elderly erections. When will you admit it to your children?” he asked.

But it was the superbly-named Wilfong Brillo who probably had the most insightful reaction to the whole thing: “@JohnJHarwood Just be thankful your name isn’t Hardwood.”

Headlines For This Post That Were Left On The Cutting Room Floor

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